When you sign up with the MINDBODY® app, we look for businesses you've visited in the past and automatically add them to your favorites. If you'd like to add a new location, you can add it to your list by searching for the business and tapping the "heart" icon at the top of their homepage.

Removing a business from your favorites
There are two ways to remove a favorite business:

  • Go to the business's homepage and tap again on the heart icon at the top of the screen
  • Select Favorites from the bottom menu, then swipe right on the location you'd like to remove 

Adding a favorite business to the Home screen
To pin a business to your Home screen, select Favorites from the bottom menu, then swipe left and choose Add to Home (the same steps apply if you need to remove it later). 

Rearranging your favorite businesses
Your Favorites list is fully customizable: just press down on a business, then drag and drop each studio to reorder them.

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