The Settings screen is where you'll manage your connected apps and devices, notification settings, and other preferences. You can access this screen by selecting More at the bottom of the app.


  • Verification email: Resends the verification email. This is necessary to sync your accounts held at local businesses with the MINDBODY® app.

 Apps and Devices

  • Facebook: Allows you to login to the app with your Facebook account.
  • Fitbit®: Integrates your Fitbit device with the MINDBODY app.


  • Calendar: The calendar setting is used to automatically add bookings made in the MINDBODY app to your external calendar.
  • Notifications: Allows access to the Manage Notifications screen. See below for additional details.
  • Keep me in the loop: Receive emails from MINDBODY concerning the app.
  • Sign in with Touch ID: Allows you to sign back into the app using Touch ID, provided it's available on your device.



  • Share MINDBODY: Sends a download link for the MINDBODY app to contacts of your choosing.
  • Tell us what you think: Leave a review of the MINDBODY app in the App Store, or send us a message sharing your experience.


  • MINDBODY Support: Browse our in-app Help Center for assistance with the app.
  • Terms of Use: Current terms of agreement for the MINDBODY app.
  • Privacy Policy: Describes how MINDBODY collects and uses the information you provide.
  • Version: The version of the MINDBODY app installed on your device.
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