If you no longer wish to use the MINDBODY® app, we recommend removing/changing all of your personal information and uninstalling the app entirely from your mobile device. 

Removing the app from your iOS or Android device does not affect any of the profiles you have linked to your MINDBODY account, so you can continue booking services with your local businesses either online or in person.

Should you need or desire to delete all of your Data. Click HERE and follow the steps to remove your data from the MINDBODY App.

If you encounter a log in message with your studios app powered by MINDBODY, be aware that the log in is shared with the MINDBODY App. So log in like you would log in to the app.

I entered the wrong address while creating my account! 

Don't worry! You can easily create a new account. Please note, you'll want to use the same email address that you use with your local MINDBODY businesses.

I can't remember my password!

You can easily reset your password. Please remember, passwords must be 8 to 30 characters long. 

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