You can use any Fitbit® activity tracker with the MINDBODY® app, but each device offers its own range of capabilities. The MINDBODY app can only display the information supported by your Fitbit model.

Active minutes and calories burned are available on all Fitbit devices, while heart rate monitoring is only supported by the Fitbit Charge HR™, Fitbit Charge 2™, Fitbit Blaze™, and Fitbit Surge™.

Displays Active Minutes and Calories Burned

  • Fitbit Zip™
  • Fitbit One™
  • Fitbit Flex™
  • Fitbit Flex 2™
  • Fitbit Charge™
  • Fitbit Alta™

Displays Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Max Beats Per Minute, Average Beats Per Minute, and minutes in each heart rate zone (Peak, Cardio, Fat Burn)

  • Fitbit Charge HR™
  • Fitbit Charge 2™
  • Fitbit Alta HR™
  • Fitbit Blaze™
  • Fitbit Surge™
  • Fitbit Versa™
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