We have all been there. Whether the account was created as .con instead of .com, or the email was just plain nowhere near being right. Surely the brilliant minds behind MINDBODY have a contingency plan for such a phenomenon!

Oh we do. We so totally do. 

The MINDBODY® app works by syncing the email used to create your app login to the email on file with all of your favorite local businesses. For this reason, it is important to use the same email address (and surprise, surprise, the same first and last name) in both places whenever possible.

That said, if you managed to sign up with the wrong email address, you only need to Log Out of the app to create a new account with your preferred email address. 😉👌

How do I Log Out?

Once you have verified your account, if you happen to be missing any passes or upcoming visits then let's also be sure to update the email provided to those businesses as well on their desktop site.

How do I update my email address on file with a business?

My Passes are missing. How do I send a verification email?

Still stuck? Start a chat with one of our friendly live chat associates and we'll help you get that resolved.  

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