You can use your app login on, but you'll need to sync your app account with the business first. 

You can also use your app login through the web booker. You won't be able to use any of your existing passes, but it's the perfect way to find new businesses in your area.

Why do I need to sync my account?
From a technical standpoint, you don't have an actual account with a local business until you sync the app with them. This is because your app login is separate from the login used at a local business—they are unique accounts that only speak to one another when synced together.

Here's how it works:

  • The MINDBODY app maintains a universal database of its own users—this is the account you use when logging in through the app.
  • Each business maintains a "local" database of their own clients—this is the account you use when logging in through your desktop computer.

When you book through the app with a new business, we take your app profile and create a new "local" profile for you with that business.

Or, if you already have an account with that business, we simply sync your accounts together.

Do I need to manage these accounts separately?
Nope. In fact, we recommend simply using your app login everywhere. Once synced, you shouldn't notice there are two accounts at all. Any updates made to your classes, passes, and visits in the app are instantly shown on a computer, and vice versa.

What if I need to change my password? Or I forgot it?
If you need to change your password, or simply can't remember it, you can reset it by following the directions listed here. Once your password is reset through the app, you can use your updated login details on both the app and a computer.

  • Important: You should always reset your password through the app. The business owner can't reset your password for you.

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