To start, go to your Profile, then tap on Your Passes.

Currently synced passes with 1 or more unused sessions will be listed here, as well as the remaining sessions you have available and expiration date. If the pass is expired and/or all sessions are currently in use, you will not see the pass here.

Your pass explained:

The sample package titled Classes - 5 Sessions shown above has all sessions available to use and is not expired, therefore it will appear in Passes. If the pass were used for a visit, it would then be deducted and indicate 4/5 (4 of 5) sessions now remain for booking. 

Cancelling a future visit would replenish the remaining number, so if you had a single session pass and cancelled that visit, the pass would then reappear in Your Passes.

Note that some passes activate on the date of your first reservation. These can be updated if you early cancel all visits from that pass and thus reset the pass's activation date. Chat With Us with any questions.


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