When you purchase a gift card, the app requires that a recipient's name and email address are entered in order to deliver the email to the right person. Once the gift card purchase is completed, MINDBODY automatically delivers an email in 24 hours based on those details entered. If the email is not received or the wrong email was entered, it's still possible to retrieve the gift card information.

I've checked my inbox and junk folders and never received the gift card email, what do I do?

Email providers occasionally misidentify MINDBODY emails as spam. As a result, the gift card email may end up in your Junk/Spam folder, or not arrive at all.

If the email is not found in either of these folders, first log into your email account and add automatedemail@mindbodyonline.com to your address book. This prevents future accidental spam filtering/blocking of our automated emails.

Next, contact the studio the sale was completed with. They can provide you with the gift card information needed, or they have the option to resend the gift card email.

You can also contact MINDBODY app support for email troubleshooting assistance if the email delivery continues to fail.

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