You can edit your subscription preferences in the Communication preferences screen, letting each business know what type of info to send you and whether you’d like emails or text messages. 

To find this screen, search the business/studio name from this link, then login to their site.

How do I get to the Communication preferences screen?

You can click subscribe, unsubscribe, or set preferences from one of the following:

  • Auto emails from the business
  • Text messages from the business
  • While creating or editing your account online

What changes can I make?

You can choose to receive, or discontinue receiving, emails or text messages in the following categories:

  • Account Management: Important info about your contracts or autopays.
  • Schedule Updates: Notifications about services you booked.
  • Newsletters and Promotions: Info about events and offers from the business. 

How can I edit subscription preferences for an individual business?

If you wish to opt in or out of all subscriptions and/or text notifications, you'll need to edit your preferences for each business you have an account with. Note: You will not be able to make changes directly from the app.

  1. Go to the business's website, and log in to your existing account.
  2. Click on the My Info tab.
  3. Click on the Profile from the submenu.
  4. Click Edit in the Personal section. 
  5. Under "What do you want to hear about," select the email and text boxes beside which subscription options to wish to opt in or out of from the business you're logged into.  Note: If you check the “Text” box next to News and Promos, be sure to add your mobile number and provider to receive these notifications.                                                                                    

6. Click Save.

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