Typically you will not receive MINDBODY app Password Reset or Account Confirmation emails due to an issue occurring with your inbox, such as the email provider has blocked them as spam, and/or your email has been temporarily placed on our Do Not Send email list due to the same issue.

Troubleshooting your inbox:

Please add our app's automated email addresses to your inbox address book.

Lastly, Chat With Us to confirm your email is not on our Do Not Send list. This is an important step. 

You can then try resending the Account Confirmation email at this time which should work.

If you have already triggered the Password Reset email, you may need to wait up to
5 hours before clicking the Forgot Password button will send another automated email. MINDBODY support cannot bypass this as a security measure.

If your app login email is through a private provider such as Government issued, employer issued, or .edu, it is possible our app emails may not reach you due to how their natural spam filters work (this is different from support emails which do not follow the same rules). For that reason, we recommend using an email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail for example, as they rarely encounter these types of issues.


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