Why am I not receiving emails from MINDBODY app?

Its happened. You go to reset the app login but the email is nowhere to be found. App verification? More like it's on vacation.

What is taking that thing so long - did it get held up in traffic?!

In reality, that may not be so farfetched! There are a few common reasons why MINDBODY app emails as well as emails from the business you book with may not be received immediately. Let's look at some of the more common instances.

MINDBODY App Automated Emails

Oh blazes. What are those? 

These happen to be the emails through our automated system which are sent when you trigger password reset and app verification such as for verifying your account and syncing profiles. If your email provider has mistakenly identified our automated address as a spam source, it can lead to our emails being delayed or outright blocked until you whitelist us in your Contacts list. To fix the latter, just add our app's automated email to your email Contacts list and try triggering it again.

Okay I've done that, I'm still not getting anything. 😰 

The MINDBODY App verification email can be triggered at any time but if you have recently attempted password reset and still have not received our email, you may need to wait until another email can be sent by the system. This is to ensure your account is not compromised through brute-force hacking attempts.

If your app login associated with a private email domain / service provider such as a .gov, .edu, or work emails, it is possible our app emails may not reach you due to how their natural spam filters work. For that reason, we recommend using an email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail for example, as they rarely encounter these types of issues. 

If you made it this far and still are not receiving our password reset email after several hours have passed, it is time to check in with our team. Let us help you!


I am not receiving the password reset email for the app

I didn't receive my verification email. What do I do?

Studio's Reminder & Confirmation Emails 

These emails are what you receive when you book a class and a confirmation of your reservation is sent to your inbox, or when an appointment is coming up you get a friendly little reminder. If these types of emails are not arriving, let's be sure the correct email has been provided to the business and that you are opted in (we can help you check!).

To help ensure those emails avoid your spam filter, you can add their automated email address to your Contacts list. It will be business####@mindbodyonline.com. To find out the exact number of your studio, start a Chat With Us or check in with the studio directly.


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to and manage emails and text messages I get from the business?

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