We are currently working on resolving a trending issue with the MINDBODY app's integration with Strava. We are expecting this issue to be resolved soon. 

How do I sync the MINDBODY app with my Strava account?

To start, tap on your Profile icon at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Tap on Settings gear > Integrations.
  2. Tap on Strava, then Connect Strava.  
  3. Enter the Email and Password for your Strava account. This is separate from your MINDBODY app account.
  4. Choose the Strava details that you wish to share with the MINDBODY app, then tap Allow.

After you complete a class, open your MINDBODY app. The classes you've taken will post directly to your Strava feed. 

Note: Requires MINDBODY app version 5.3 or later.

Which information will appear in my Strava feed?

  • Class name (Note: Appointments and enrollments will not appear in your Strava feed.)
  • Instructor name
  • Studio/business name
  • Class duration
  • Category (Note: The category's image may appear as "Other.")

How do I disconnect my Strava account and the MINDBODY app?

  1. In the MINDBODY app, tap on the Profile icon at the bottom of your screen.  
  2. Tap on Settings, then Strava, then Disconnect Strava
  3. Tap OK to disconnect.  
  4. Log into your Strava account on a web browser. 
  5. Hover over your profile icon in the upper right corner and select Settings.
  6. Click on My Apps in the menu on the left.
  7. Click Revoke Access next to MINDBODY.
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