How do I sync my MINDBODY app with my Strava account?

To start, tap on your Profile icon at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Tap on Settings gear.
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Tap on Strava, then Connect Strava.  
  4. Enter the Email and Password for your Strava account. This is separate from your MINDBODY app account.
  5. Choose the Strava details that you wish to share with the MINDBODY app, then tap Allow.

How fast does Strava update to show my taken classes?

Android: Up to 5 minutes.

iOS: You'll see the class in your feed the next time you open the app after the class is taken.

What information should I see in Strava regarding my classes?

  • Class name
  • Instructor name
  • Studio/business name
  • Class duration
  • Category (Note: The category's image may appear as "Other.")

Can I sync health data from the MINDBODY app to Strava?

Not at this time.

I have followed the previous instructions and my classes still aren't showing on my Strava feed. What am I missing?

The instructor must mark you as signed in for the class in order for it to appear on your feed.

I had an appointment or attended an enrollment. Why isn't it showing in my Strava feed?

Strava only displays classes you've attended - not appointments or enrollments.

Will classes I took before syncing Strava and the MINDBODY app show in Strava?

No. Past class information will not appear.

If I disconnect Strava and the MINDBODY app, then sync again, will my past class information be erased? 

Any classes you attend while your MINDBODY app and Strava account are not synced will not appear in Strava.
If you reconnect after a period of time, the classes you took while synced in the past will reappear. 

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