You can check out your stats on the Activity tab. 

Syncing a Fitbit device will provide more info on the dashboard, such as calories burned, BPM charts, and active minutes.
Your Activity Dashboard includes: 

  • Total Classes section: You’ll see the number of classes completed within the current month, week and day along with the number of calories burned and steps taken specific to each class you've completed. 
  • Categories section: You’ll see a list of the categories of each class completed within each time period.
  • Month and Week BPM chart: You’ll see your heart rate zones (resting, fat burn, cardio and peak) for each time period.  Note: These heart rate zones are user-specific – the height and weight data you add to your Fitbit account determines your heart rate zones, further personalizing the data you’re seeing.
  • Today BPM chart: This displays your heart rate during the class you completed today, so you can easily see your heart rate changes during the course of a class. 
  • Last Activity section: You’ll see a list of the biometric data from the last class you completed: Calories, Steps, Active Minutes, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Zones

Note: The Activity dashboard is limited to classes at this time, appointment data will not appear in the activity dashboard.

It can take up to 24 hours for the Activity Dashboard to update and pull through the data when you have completed a class. 

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