Flexible Pricing is a temporary price drop on passes. Lucky you!  

Things to know about Flexible Pricing Passes:

  • The purchase price for Flexible Pricing passes will appear in orange with the original purchase price displayed below. 
  • Flexible Pricing passes are non-refundable at the time of purchase, but it is up to the business to make a final decision. 
  • Not all businesses participate in Flexible Pricing. 
  •  Classes purchased through Flexible Pricing and canceled are automatically returned without a refund--this renders the pass unusable but does not return your money. It's up to the business to decide how to proceed from there.
  • Flexible Pricing passes are limited to the U.S., UK, AUS, and Canada at this time.
  •  Flexible Pricing will not be available to classes that allow you to Book Now and Pay Later simply because no payment is required when registering.

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