Where can I find my schedule?

Your MINDBODY app schedule is conveniently located within the Profile page, labeled as SCHEDULE. 

Future bookings are listed first, under Upcoming.

Where are past visits? If you have a several visits in your Upcoming schedule, simply scroll down until you find your past visits under the heading Previous.

What types of reservations can I expect to see in my Schedule?

 - Drop-in class reservations
 - Recurring class reservations
 - Single appointment reservations
 - Recurring appointment reservations
 - Single-day workshops

Note: recurring workshops can be booked online but will not appear in Schedule.

My menus look nothing like this, what happened?

It's possible you may be using an outdated version of our app! If so, please check the app store for the most up to date version of MINDBODY available to you. Upon updating, it should refresh your app to look more like the reference image above. Welcome back!


How many visits show in my schedule and history?

How can I see my position on the waitlist?

How do I sync with MINDBODY app?

Calendar Syncing

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