Can I purchase a universal gift card for all businesses on the app?

Since each business listed on the MINDBODY app is individually owned, a gift card can only be applied at the particular business it was purchased from.

Can I change the date the gift card is sent after I've completed the purchase? 

No, once the gift card delivery date has been selected and the purchase has been completed the date cannot be edited.

Can I use a split payment method to purchase a gift card on the MINDBODY app?

No, only one payment method can be used per gift card purchase.

Can I login and reprint the gift card?

No, You have the ability to print a copy of the gift card at the time of purchase, but cannot reprint the gift card after that.

Can I have the gift card email resent to the recipient?

Yes, our in-app support team will be happy to resend the gift card delivery email. Tap Chat to get in touch with us.

Can I receive a copy of the gift card delivery email that is sent to the recipient?

No, only a copy of the gift card purchase receipt can be sent to the purchaser. 

Can I buy a gift card online and redeem it at the studio?

No, gift cards that are purchased online can only be redeemed online.

Can I buy a gift card at the studio and redeem it online?

No, gift cards that are purchased in person can only be redeemed at the business.

What if I don't use the whole gift card amount?

A remaining balance will automatically store to your Profile under Payments for your convenience.
Just tap GIFTS to locate the gift card, then tap on the gift card to use it.

How do I redeem a gift card?

Check out the article How do I redeem a gift card? for step by step instructions.

What does the actual gift card look like?

Gift cards designs are available in several styles depending on the occasion. Once you select your preferred design, the gift card sent includes the following details:

  • Gift card title, recipient's name, sender's name, optional note, card number, a barcode, the gift card amount, gift card terms/business's contact details/other studio note.

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