If you are sure you are entering your password correctly but it is still not recognized:

  • The password entered when creating your account or resetting your password needs to be 15 characters or less. When creating your profile or resetting your password, the system will allow you to enter more than 15 characters, however, only the first 15 characters are accepted, all characters past that are dropped. 


If you reset the password to be thisismynewpassword123! the system would accept the entry but characters past the 15th would be dropped, and the updated password would now register as thisismynewpass when attempting to log in again.

  • Please be mindful of this especially if you are relying on a password manager, as those will generally create lengthy passwords by default.

Please note the following:

  • The login ID and password used for your account with the business via the web is a separate set of credentials from those used in the app.
  • After opening the app's password reset email, if you receive an error message after clicking the link and it states, "Change request does not exist" or "Invalid change request key," the password reset link has either expired or has been used previously. Please tap "Forgot Your Password" again to generate a new link.  

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