First, make sure that your email address is entered correctly for your MINDBODY app account under Profile > Tap on your Profile photo > Edit. Check out this article for more information on how to update your email address.

Next, check your spam, junk and clutter folders from a desktop or laptop to ensure that your email provider hasn't filtered the confirmation email into one of those folders. If checking on your mobile device, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi as Data does not update the Junk folders.

Try searching MINDBODY in your email search bar.

Lastly, try adding our email domain to your Contacts list; and will tell your email provider that this is a trusted source and not spam.

Note: School email addresses such as .edu, as well as work email addresses, tend to have high security measures in place which prevent the confirmation email from arriving. It is suggested to use a personal email address for your MINDBODY app account. 

Note: If you have marked any MINDBODY mail as spam or junk the confirmation email will not arrive. If you are still not receiving emails from us, reach out to our in-app support team by tapping on Profile > Settings gear > Chat with us.

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