When tapping forgot password you will see this message "We've sent you an email with a link to reset your password". This means that a new password reset email was just sent.

If you receive this message, "Please check your email for a link to create a new password," that means a password reset email has already been sent to your email.

Make sure you check all of your email's inboxes. When checking from your mobile device, make sure you are on Wi-Fi. The Junk folders may not update on data.

The password reset email comes from admin@mindbodyonline.com. You might want to add that email to your contacts to help ensure delivery.  

Only one password reset email sends at a time. Another password reset email will send if:

You click and use the password reset link within the email.

It has been 5 hours since a password reset email has been sent.

Note: If you have marked any MINDBODY mail as spam or junk the password reset email will not arrive. If you are still not receiving emails from us, reach out to our in-app support team by tapping on Profile > Settings gear > Chat with us.

PLEASE NOTE: If your email is removed from the spam list by yourself or one of MINDBODY's support agents, there are two important steps that follow:

You may need to wait up to five hours before clicking the forgot password or resend verification email link in order to receive the triggered email.

Also, you must request another forgot password or the verification email by clicking the appropriate link once your email is removed from the spam list.

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