Getting Started

First, you'll need to either check the studio's website for a Login menu, or search for the business here to find their MINDBODY site. 

Enter the name of the business and tap the select button next to the name and logo of the business.

Step 1:  Create your password with the business by tapping on Need new password? This is located on the top right corner of the studios' website.

Step 2:  Enter in your email address then, tap on Next

Step 3:
Check your email for the password reset email and create or refresh your password. 

If you are trying to verify your account to link your passes, this is the email and password combination you will enter in the verification email.

Step 4:
In the Log in field enter in your email address and password that you just created with the business. You will be logged in to the business' website and are all set to book!

If you receive a message that says "We couldn't find an account with that email / username". then you may have a different email address on file with the business.

Not receiving the password reset email? Click HERE

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