With your MINDBODY® login you are able to use a single sign-in to access multiple studios, while also keeping your data secure.

When you create a profile in the MINDBODY app, a MINDBODY Login is created. The information in this profile is not given to any studios that you do not already have an account at. 

When you open the verification email after creating your account, your profile will sync up with any businesses where you have an existing account with a matching email. After you've successfully verified your email, you should then be able to view and use your passes for any businesses that were synced.

When you book or make a purchase at a studio you've never been to before, only then will your profile information (not billing information) be passed along to that new studio's database. 

If the business has a profile for you already under a matching email that did not sync at the time you verified your account, your MINDBODY login will sync at the time of the booking or purchase. You will then be able to view and use your active passes, as well as view upcoming and past visits.

If the verification email or purchase/booking process doesn't sync your account, the following should be helpful:  

My passes are missing. How do I sync my passes to the MINDBODY App?

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