Before sending the confirmation email, double check the following:

Your first name, last name, and email that you use in the MINDBODY App is the same as what the business has on file for you. If the business has a different name on file for you, the business can update that information. If you need to update your email with a business, you can do so on the business' website.

1. Send the account confirmation email.

Tap Profile > Settings > Resend Account Confirmation email.

2. Tap the verify your email to link in the email

Once you tap the Verify my email! link, it is essential that you double check the list of businesses on the list. 

You are all set if you see the business listed and checked your app to make sure it looks a-okay. Happy booking!

Still no passes or schedule? That's okay. We have a plan B.

If you do not see the business listed, complete the following steps:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the confirmation email and enter the name of the business in the search field

 2. Select the business and a login field will appear. Enter in the email and password combination that you use to login to the studio's website. 

NOTE: Your MINDBODY App login will not work and your passes will NOT sync if you have not logged into the business' desktop site before.

If you only have a password created for the MINDBODY App, you will need to create a password for that particular studio Don't worry, we can show you how!

3. Pop back over to the verification email and click the link one more time so you can enter in your studio login. 


Your MINDBODY account is verified and synced to the app based on matching: 

Email address

If some of your accounts successfully synced—but others did not —then you may have used an alternate email address or your name was misspelled.

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