You can sync the MINDBODY® app with the Health app on your iOS device to quickly access data on your classes. 

To start, tap on the Profile icon at the bottom of screen, then:

  1. Tap Settings gear > Integrations.
  2. Then, tap on Health app, then Connect Health App.
  3. Choose the details that you wish to share with the MINDBODY app, then tap Allow.

After your next workout, you'll notice that your data has automatically synced with the MINDBODY app. 

How do I disconnect my Health app?

You’ll need to log in to the Health app directly to fully disconnect it from the MINDBODY app. This can be done within the Health app by tapping Sources, selecting MINDBODY, and toggling off all the app permissions.

How do I view my step count for a class?

 To view your step count for a MINDBODY class, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Activity icon at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Scroll down to the desired class to see your steps. 

You'll now be be able to see your step count and other metrics for that particular class. You can also toggle between apps (if you use both Fitbit and the Health app, for instance) and view your stats within this popup.

Where can I view my stats?

You can check out your stats on the Activity screen in the app. If you’re connected to multiple apps (e.g., you use both Fitbit and the Health app with MINDBODY), then you can quickly switch between your stats by tapping at the top of the Activity dashboard.

 Your Activity dashboard includes: 

  • Total Classes section: You’ll see the number of classes completed within the current month, week, and day along with the number of calories burned and steps taken within each time frame. 
  • Categories section: You’ll see a list of the categories of each class completed within each time period.
  • Month and Week BPM chart: You’ll see your heart rate zones (resting, fat burn, cardio and peak) for each time period. If you do not have an Apple Watch and are only connected to the Health app via your phone, then you won’t see the BPM chart for the class you completed on the Today tab.
  • Today BPM chart: This displays your heart rate during the class you completed today, so you can easily see your heart rate changes during the course of a class. 
  • Last Activity section: You’ll see a list of the biometric data from the last class you completed: Calories, Steps, Active Minutes, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Zone. This is the same data shown in the “My Activity” card found on the Schedule screen.
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