1. Go to https://mindbody.io/ to visit the MINDBODY web booker.
  2. The site should load your current location, but you can always set it to your preference by typing and entering your location in the search field on the right.
  3. Type the name of a class you're looking for, a practice or workout you'd like to book, or the name of a business in the search field on the left.  
  4. The site will give you options right from the search to narrow the results. Click on an option that appears below the search (Classes, Appointments, Studios, or Instructors) or just hit Enter on your keyboard. 

If you kept the search general, you'll see Last Minute Offers for classes in your area that meet your search criteria. 

If you chose Classes or Appointments in the search, you'll see a list of offerings in your area with prices, times, dates, locations, and instructors. You can further filter by fitness type, appointment type, date, time, or distance by using the filters at the top of the results.

If you chose Studios, you'll see a list of businesses that offer classes that met your search criteria.

If you chose instructors, you'll see a list of instructors who teach the type of class you searched for.

Click on an option in the results to check out the details, and if you like what you see, click Book.

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