The MINDBODY app syncs with your phone's native calendar (Google Calendar) to show your bookings beside everything else scheduled in your life. 

If your bookings aren't showing in your phone's calendar app, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your MINDBODY app account and tap on Profile > Settings Icon > Calendar Syncing. Then, tap on Add your schedule to a calendar to disable your current sync. 
  2. Remove the MINDBODY app off of your device, and then reinstall it. 
  3. Tap on your phone's Settings > Apps & notifications > MINDBODY > Permissions > Calendar to ensure MINDBODY is allowed access to the calendar.
  4. Log into the MINDBODY app, and tap on Profile > Settings > Calendar. Then, tap on Send schedule to my calendar to re-enable the sync.
  5. Choose the calendar you prefer your workouts to appear in.
  6. Then, tap on your phone's Settings > Accounts > Add account to ensure that your preferred calendar account is added. 

Note: Due to security reasons you will not be able to view scheduled future reservations on your personal calendar when logged out of the app using an Android mobile device.

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