This can occur for a few different reasons. Let's explore some common examples.

Why is there a price above the
BOOK NOW button?
I've already got a pass to the studio.

If you find an orange price above the BOOK button, this is actually a studio advertisement for one of their Last Minute Offers. For example, although their drop-in rate of the class is typically $30, with this promotion you can purchase a pass to attend for only $23.

Note: This price appears whether or not you have an available pass to use.

After tapping BOOK, the system will recognize that you have an existing pass and then give you the option to either apply that pass to the visit, or select from their available pricing list to make a new purchase.

If the business does not offer this type of deal and you already have a pass, you will not see a price above the book buttons, and should not be asked to pay again before booking. 

I'm still seeing a price here and I know I have a pass to the business.
What happened to it? 

If you see a price in black or grey above the BOOK button and are prompted for additional payment, this means either the pass is not valid for that class, or there is a syncing issue between your app account and your profile at the business. 

Let's check to see if you have an available pass by tapping Profile, then tap Passes.
     • If your pass displays, contact the business so they can quickly confirm the pass is valid for that class. They can make any last minute corrections if necessary.
     • If your pass does not display, this would be due to a syncing issue occurring between your app login and the studio profile. This issue can be resolved by tapping Profile > Settings gear, then tap Resend Account Confirmation Email at the top of the page.

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