It is just like clearing your browser history but for the MINDBODY app.

Resetting the MINDBODY app's cached data can help solve problems with freezing or general slowness. It is just like clearing your browser history but for the MINDBODY app. All of your data is kept, it is just cleaned up so you can continue to book your best life with the MINDBODY app.

First things first, make sure your app is updated to v5.13 or later. 

How do you know if you are on the latest version? Great question.

If you pop over to Profile > Settings gear, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a section that says Version.

If you are not all the way up to date, simply pop over to the App Store app in your phone, choose Updates, and find your favorite app (the MINDBODY app of course!) Sometimes simply updating it to 5.13 does the trick. If it does, then you can always use the below steps in the future.

To Reset your MINDBODY app's data do the following:

  1. Tap Profile > Settings gear > More, then Reset Data.
  2. Tap "Yes"

    We promise that pushing Yes won't cause any trouble and is made to help your app's performance!

3. Give the app a couple taps around the block and you are good to go!
If the Reset Data feature did not do the job and you are still experiencing app troubles, have no fear friend! There are a few ways you can get in touch with us so we can help:

  1. On the bottom right hand corner of this very page you will see a little orange circular icon. Tap the icon to open up a chat with our MINDBODY app team
  2. Under the Profile section in the app, tap on the Chat with us option to find instant help
  3. If something between lightning speed help and snail mail is your thing, you can always email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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