If you are trying to book past the date of your next auto-payment and the Business does not allow you to book unpaid, you will be asked for payment as you need an active pass to cover the class you are booking. 

When you have a Membership/Contract with a Business you are sold a Pass each month/week depending on your terms, to use to book your Classes. You can only book classes between the activation and expiration date of your Pass. To check the expiration date of your Pass tap on Profile within the App then tap on Passes. 

If you are trying to book past the expiration date and you are being asked for payment you will need to wait until your next auto-payment runs. This will activate your new Pass to cover that Month/Weeks Classes. 

Still needing help? There are a few ways you can get in touch;

  1. On the bottom right hand corner of this very page you will see a little orange circular icon. Tap the icon to open up a chat with our MINDBODY app team
  2. Under the Profile section in the app, tap on the Chat with us option to find instant help
  3. If something between lightning speed help and snail mail is your thing, you can always email us at app@mindbodyonline.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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