Before resending the confirmation email

Let's ensure your First Name, Last Name, and Email in use with MINDBODY app is the same as what the studio has on file. This is crucial in syncing your profile correctly. 

How do I update my email address with the studio?

Syncing MINDBODY app with your studio profile

To start, resend the app account confirmation email. This can be done simply through these three steps: 

  1. In Profile, tap the Settings gear. 
  2. Tap Resend Account Confirmation Email at the top.
  3. Next, Check Email for our verification email and click the enclosed link. You will be shown a list of businesses were just synced with.

If you did not receive the Account Confirmation email, please Chat With Us.

Note: if  the above pages do not appear as the sample, please update MINDBODY app to the current version available in the app store. We have some super helpful updates to help with your journey - welcome back!


Plan B: Looking up the studio to sync with MINDBODY app

If you were not synced using the above steps, ie. passes and visits are not appearing as expected, lookup the business directly from our confirmation email using these steps:

  1. Open our account confirmation email, then click the enclosed link, Verify My Email. You will be redirected to our Account Verification page.
  2. If the studio does not appear among your synced businesses, swipe down to "Search for a business." Enter the business's name, tap Search, and tap on the name of the business you would like to sync with, picking from results available.
  3. Enter your email address and the password used for their website, then tap
    Sign In
    to sync. 

Be sure to check the Passes menu nested within Profile to see that your passes have been synced. If something is still missing, Chat With Us and we can review your account for further assistance.

Note: if your account does not sync immediately after completing any set of the above steps,  please Log Out & Log In to refresh your account. If the issue persists, please Chat With Us.

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