Regardless the reason, if you need to use a different email for your app login, it can be changed any time by logging out from the Profile page. From there, tap Continue With Email and enter your preferred email in the field provided.

Please note this may create a new account which is expected. 

I no longer have access to the inbox I first created my app account with. What do I do? 

This will most likely be a two-part fix. First, you will need a new email if you don't have an alternative ready to go. From there, let's get your previous email updated with whichever businesses you have current passes or upcoming visits with (CLICK HERE to start). You can also contact those businesses to have them update your email on file with them.

Next, let's create a new app login, as described above, with your new email going forward. Once you have verified this new account, your remaining passes and visit history will already be available to you with a successful sync.

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