Gift cards can be redeemed for services with the business you purchased from. Only the remaining balance of a gift card is stored in the app under your Profile after you make a purchase with the gift card.

Note: In order to redeem a gift card a credit card must be stored in the app.

To add a credit card to the app:

  1. Tap on Profile
  2. Tap add a card to enter your credit card into the app
  3. Tap Save

To make a purchase with a gift card:

Enter the business' name in the search bar on the Home screen of the app

Tap on the name of the business

Tap View Pricing

Choose the pass to purchase

Tap the Pay with option that lists the credit card that was just added

Tap Pay with Gift Card

Enter in your gift card number and tap Done

After making sure the Pay with section has your gift card listed tap Buy and complete the purchase

What if I don't use the whole gift card amount?

A remaining balance will automatically store to your Profile under Payments for your convenience.
Just tap GIFTS to locate the gift card, then tap on the gift card to use it.

Can I use gift cards on

Gift cards are currently only available on the app.

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