When browsing available passes, the MINDBODY app will always show you the lowest-priced option available. This may be a last-minute offer, but it also may be a special intro deal or a normal drop-in pass. 

• Last-minute offers are optional and may not be used by every business or for every class.
• There are no Last-Minute Offers screen for an individual business. If the business offers these special prices, you’ll simply see them when booking a regular class.
• Last-minute offers are shown together with the business’s normal pricing. The MINDBODY app will always show the lowest price available when booking a class – be it a special introductory offer, a drop-in pass, or a last-minute offer.
• Last-minute offers aren’t restricted to a 48-hour window. If the business chooses, you may find this specialty pricing offered for classes in the future. It may even be available for the business’s entire schedule!

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